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02/2021-Central Tax dated 12.01.2021Notifying amendment to jurisdiction of Central Tax officers.01-01-2021
95/2020-Central Tax dated 30.12.2020Seeks to extend the time limit for furnishing of the annual return specified under section 44 of CGST Act, 2017 for the financial year 2019-20 till 28.02.2021.31-12-2020
94/2020-Central Tax dated 22.12.2020Seeks to make the Fourteenth amendment (2020) to the CGST Rules.2017.22-12-2020
93/2020-Central Tax dated 22.12.2020Seeks to waive late fee for FORM GSTR-4 filing in UT of Ladakh for Financial year 2019-20.22-12-2020
92/2020-Central Tax dated 22.12.2020Seeks to bring into force Sections 119,120,121,122,123,124,126,127 and 131 of Finance Act, 2020(12 of 2020).22-12-2020
91/2020-Central Tax dated 14.12.2020Seeks to extend the due dates for compliances and actions in respect of anti-profiteering measures under GST till 31.03.2021.14-12-2020
90/2020-Central Tax dated 01.12.2020Seeks to make amendment to Notification no. 12/2017- Central Tax dated 28.06.2017.01-12-2020
89/2020-Central Tax dated 29.11.2020Seeks to waive penalty payable for noncompliance of the provisions of notification No.14/2020 – Central Tax, dated the 21st March, 2020.29-11-2020
88/2020-Central Tax dated 10.11.2020Seeks to implement e-invoicing for the taxpayers having aggregate turnover exceeding Rs. 100 Cr from 01st January 2021.10-11-2020
87/2020-Central Tax dated 10.11.2020Seeks to extend the due date for furnishing of FORM ITC-04 for the period July- September 2020 till 30th November, 2020.10-11-2020
86/2020-Central Tax dated 10.11.2020Seeks to rescind Notification 76/2020-Central tax dated 15.08.2020.10-11-2020
85/2020-Central Tax dated 10.11.2020Seeks to notify special procedure for making payment of 35% as tax liability in first two month10-11-2020
84/2020-Central Tax dated 10.11.2020Seeks to notify class of persons under proviso to section 39(1).10-11-2020
83/2020-Central Tax dated 10.11.2020Seeks to extend the due date for FORM GSTR-110-11-2020
82/2020-Central Tax dated 10.11.2020Seeks to make the Thirteenth amendment (2020) to the CGST Rules.201710-11-2020
81/2020-Central Tax dated 10.11.2020Seeks to notify amendment carried out in sub-section (1), (2) and (7) of section 39 vide Finance (No.2) Act, 2019.10-11-2020
80/2020-Central Tax dated 28.10.2020Seeks to amend notification no. 41/2020-Central Tax dt. 05.05.2020 to extend due date of return under Section 44 till 31.12.2020.28-10-2020
79/2020-Central Tax dated 15.10.2020Seeks to make the Twelfth amendment (2020) to the CGST Rules.2017.15-10-2020
78/2020-Central Tax dated 15.10.2020Seeks to notify the number of HSN digits required on tax invoice15-10-2020
77/2020-Central Tax dated 15.10.2020Seeks to make filing of annual return under section 44 (1) of CGST Act for F.Y. 2019-20 optional for small taxpayers whose aggregate turnover is less than Rs 2 crores and who have not filed the said return before the due date.15-10-2020